A Vision

Handcrafted Technology Solutions

“To be recognised as one of the best providers of various IT services & work with some of the most discerning clients, around the globe, ones who prefer solutions that are simply paramount.”

The statement is self-explanatory and clearly harps on our dedication to being the best in the industry. We aren’t scared of working with picky clients as we are confident about our performance standards.

A Mission

Our mission statement is a congregation of those tasks that we wish to undertake on a regular basis in order to successfully move towards the accomplishment of our vision. Here is a list of few of those tasks:

  • To follow stringent recruitment structures and hire the most talented individuals in the industry.
  • To adopt a Devil’s advocate model of project analysis, so that the eventual quality of deliverables is accentuated.
  • To seek regular client feedback in order to know where we stand.
  • To erect and follow comprehensive processes of project execution.
  • To establish an exhaustive quality testing mechanism.
  • To conduct regular motivation sessions for our staff.


“Values aren't buses... They're not supposed to get you anywhere. They're supposed to define who you are.”- Jennifer Crusie

At 9series, we live by our values. You can find a brief introduction to those business values that govern each facet of our conduct:

  • Transparency: At no time shall our clients be ever kept in the dark about any element of their project. We pride our honesty, and that is how it will be in the future too.
  • Promptness: We shall always strive to follow best practices and established processes to deliver projects within stringent timelines.
  • Excellence: We believe in the philosophy that ‘You should stop only when you die’. We shall continue to pursue excellence and offer supreme quality until the time we are in business.
  • Employee-Centric: If human resources are the fulcrum of a business, we might as well give them their due respect and honour. We develop employee-centric policies so that their association with us becomes fruitful and progressive.
  • User-Friendliness: Our solutions shall be so planned that they augment the experience of the end-users.
  • Passion: Why do something that you aren’t obsessed with? We are in this field because we are passionate, and we are hell-bent on conquering unbeatable standards of performance.